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Pro-Life Organizations

TC Public Relations has established relationships with key players in pro-life advocacy, activism, education, and legal defense of life, and understands the passion that underlies the commitment of those in the movement. Countering well-funded campaigns that promotes abortion requires smart and savvy investment in promoting your organization and efficient targeting of your message to likeminded individuals.

We regularly work with national and local pro-life groups and ministries, providing services such as: 

  • Publicity

    TC Public Relations can promote local, regional, and national events and initiatives and elicit coverage via mainstream and faith-based media. Publicity helps provide platforms for informing and influencing society on life issues, and we’ll work to establish your organization or an individual who is your “face of the organization” as a “go-to” expert for media contacts.

  • Media training

    Every organization deserves a great spokesperson. TC Public Relations coaches your representatives on how to present your life-centered message to those who are new to the pro-life point of view as well engage those who have “been in the fight” for decades. 

  • Social media strategy

    Your audience is online and demands interesting and useful content. We’ll help ensure that your constituents have the best tools to promote and support your pro-life organization – and that your mobile apps, blogs, posts, and tweets work together to share your story, offer opportunities for witness or action, and promote a pro-life worldview.

  • Crisis communications

    In an information-driven world, not all news is flattering. Today’s widespread acceptance of values that directly conflict with pro-life beliefs can often place pro-life organizations – or individuals associated them – in an unflattering spotlight. TC Public Relations will help you get out in front of a negative situation – or a full-blown public relations crisis – with integrity. Whether promoting your message in a positive light, countering criticism, or helping your organization foray into new markets, TC Public Relations helps pro-life organizations determine the best strategies for effective communication and distinctive messaging. 

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