Who We Serve

who we serveChristian Organizations

TC Public Relations has a special relationship with faith-based organizations representing a Christian worldview. Sharing a Gospel-centered message in a world that often speaks a different “language” requires sensitivity, discernment, and a knack for building bridges between current – often polarizing – social issues and timeless truths. (continue reading…)

Law Firms & Legal Organizations

TC Public Relations understands that attorneys must handle their reputations – and those of their clients – carefully. There is a delicate balance between promoting a firm’s work and protecting information that can make or break a court case. Whether seeking new clients to represent, building public support for a legal action, or celebrating a courtroom victory, a legal organization has special requirements, responsibilities, and restrictions in its public communications. (continue reading…)

Not-for-Profit Organizations

TC Public Relations understands that not-for-profit organizations must invest donors’ money wisely. With millions of nonprofit groups registered in the U.S., it is important that your message is not lost in the overwhelming flood of those working toward “the greater good.” (continue reading…)