What’s 100 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat?

Yes, the title is provocative. However, I did not write it. I found at at ABC News.

Personally, I enjoy when someone finds a fun way to take everyday activities and turn them into news. However, this story is more than just a “flush in the pan.” (For those who don’t know the reference the original line was “flash in the pan”, and I’m not sure if everyone will get that reference.) Anyway…

Take a look at this excerpt from the story regarding the subject:

She advised: Wash your hands, of course, and avoid touching things a lot of other people have touched, like elevator buttons. Use your elbows to push the revolving door.
She also says, when in doubt, disinfect.
As you might imagine, Janse has a bit of a reputation among her fellow workers of being over-the-top when it comes to germs. But consider this:
since she launched her anti-germ campaign three years ago, not one person in her family has gotten sick.

Take a look at the first sentence in red. It makes me wonder how my life would be if I used my elbow to do everything I normally do with my hands. Combing hair is just one thought that comes to mind. Now take a look at the second sentence. Clearly there is a payoff this expert is able to show. Self-serving, yes. Yet, a payoff.

I often tell my clients that saying or doing something provocative to get media attention is something that I love to do. However, I believe a “publicity stunt” or “headline grabbing quote” alway needs a real payoff.

So get out there and start re-purposing your elbows because it may save your life.