Was Tom Funny Or Not on WGN-Radio?

Today at 2:30 pm Cental, Bill Moller (someone I’ve known from CLTV before it was broadcast in color) is having me on his WGN-AM program, The Money Show. We’re going to be talking about how blogs can help (and hurt) your career and business.

When Bill let’s me get a word in edgewise (he’s really a lot of fun), I’ll suggest that blogger newbies check out Blogger as a place to start the process. It’s a great way to test the waters and start a blog about anything you care to comment on regularly (like sharing cute and stupid pictures of cats).

I’ll also suggest that baby bloggers check out a source, technorati, for seeing what’s popular in the blog world at their top 100 blogs. My rule of thumb is to see what’s working and learn from it.

Finally, time permitting, I’ll put in a gentle plug for my company TC Public Relations. While I’ve created on-line buzz for my clients, it would be fun to get a little buzzy myself.

And in case you wonder what I do on weekends, I think this picture says it all. (For those who might be concerned, I volunteer as a clown at a nursing home)

The is Tom Ciesielka, reporting in advance from WGN-AM radio. Back to you Bill.