Tom Ciesielka Lost on An Island

Sometimes a blog posting just writes itself. Recently an associate from the Society of Midland Authors wrote this mock bio of my life and career:

“Born in a log cabin on a barren desert island (all of whose trees had been cut down to build the cabin), Tom Ciesielka lived a life of grinding poverty until he discovered Gilligan on the other side of the island, along with the professor, Maryanne, the Millionaire, and his wife. From that moment on, he became aware of the power of public relations to relieve his plight, and using a satellite radio, created a website that he named Subsequently rescued and transferred to Chicago without a dime in his pocket, he went on to build the largest and most successful author-promotion PR firm in the city, despite a total lack of formal education. Tom also serves as a member of the board of directors of Save the Stranded, an international nonprofit that scans the globe for isolated islands that may contain marooned individuals.”

To avoid embarrassment (not sure to whom), I decided not to give full credit.