The New Chicago Tribune Sucks

I guess some people might question the word “sucks” in the headline. It doesn’t fit the polite language that a PR person would use when describing a major media outlet. Stay with for a moment.

I think the Huffington Post captured the issue even before it was released this week when it wrote about how the new Tribune was “Less news, more pictures.” I’ve heard this referred to as the “USA Today syndrome” where substancial local papers provide article with little or no depth.

For years I’ve had great relationships with many fine reporters and editors at the Tribune. I am sure many of them (those who are still left) are not happy with the changes. Besides, it’s not just about content. It’s also about design.

First, the visual guide along the top of the page which tells you where you is well, stupid. I know where I am in the the new muddle of chopped up graphics and short stories. Second, the layout emphasis the advertising in way that is distracting and I believe hurts the advertiser.

The bottom line is that sales of the print edition will continue to decline because of new media and the all the options people have for getting the news they choose.