The Least of Things Can Be the Greatest

One of my joys in life is learning about stand up comedy. I like to go to open mics for new comics and try out my jokes. Most fail and a few are a hit. I am also asked to host events ranging from corporate meetings to church programs where I get to play around with the audience and improvise my jokes.

One of my comic heroes is Bob Newhart. He is very funny, very clean and has found the “magic” formula that has lasted for decades: good humor that anyone can enjoy with anyone around them.

In his autobiography, he points out that he had a stammer in his routine that people told him to take out. He response was something to the effect, “that stammer bought me a house in Beverly Hills.”

The same is true for public relations, often the thing that seems out of place is really what can promote more media coverage. Some years back we had a client that had dance breaks in the office in place of the caffeinated ones. While it seemed liked a quirky HR tactic, it was big news that made national television, dozens of print outlets and even an interview on the BBC.

So the next time you think something is dumb or out of place, remember Bob Newhart’s stammer. It might just buy you a million dollars worth of publicity.