Steve Martin Was (Is?) Shy

I’ve been reading Steve Martin’s autobiography, Born Standing Up. He says a couple things that struck me as interesting. First, he shares when he lost his virginity, I suppose that’s needed for some odd reason. Second, he says that he was shy. Now it’s hard to believe that someone with happy feet and an arrow through his head while performing could be shy.

My point for this post is that even “shy” people can be “performers” for the media. If someone simply cannot deal with a TV camera or radio microphone, they can certainly promote themselves with print/on-line media interviews, or through their own written communications (I hear blogs are becoming a big thing these days).

Better yet, even the person who would rather be dead than “on stage” can learn to love the attention when it helps them get their message out.

So I hope the “shy” people who need media attention will learn to get over it. If I offended you with that suggestion well excuuuuuse me!