Spine Surgeons with Marketing Backbone

When you think of a spine surgeon, what image comes to your mind? I was thinking of this when I saw an ad from a medical practice in Florida that’s all about spines. At first, I thought the ad wouldn’t inspire people to go to the clinic, but then I went to their website and saw the two doctors leaning on each other, which made me think about what message they’re communicating. It says to me that while they lean on each other to treat people, patients can lean on them, too. I don’t know how much thought went into the ad and the website, but it’s obvious that they did do some thinking about the image that they want to share with the public.

It’s something that we can think about, too. Ask yourself about what message you’re sending to others when you post pictures offline or online. Whether it’s a headshot on your LinkedIn profile,  a bio on your website, a photo sent to an organization for your upcoming speaking engagement, or photos sent to the media, you should think about your image. Even if you have the best credentials, you can negatively affect your reputation if your photos are not a good representation of who you are.

I try to mix it up: I might be serious in some photos or silly in others, but I try to think about what’s appropriate for the situation. The best rule is: what would your colleagues and potential clients think, even if it’s not directly connected to your practice?