Scientist Names Catfish After Mailroom Boss

The headline for this post is taken from something in today’s Chicago Sun-Times. The story is that Frank Gallagher, who spent 37 years as a mail room supervisor at a natural science museum in Philadelphia (my home town), had a species of catfish named after him – rhinodoras gallagheri.

He got this new fame because of his dedication as an employee of this wonderful institution. While this story may seem funny, it brings forth an important truth – good guys and gals do win in the end. It may not happen right away or when you expect it. However, a good work ethic and persistence does pay off.

Many times clients of public relations agencies get frustrated when the media coverage does not come in as soon as possible and the amount of coverage is not to their liking. That’s understandable. Hiring a PR agency can be an expensive investment and a client wants to see a return ASAP. However, if the PR agency can show due diligence and strategic persistence, the client can win big in the end (and when it’s sooner than later everyone is happier).

The moral of this post? Despite the rush to use social media and Internet media to generate “fast” publicity, there is still something to be said for staying the course even when the fish still have not taken the hook!