Saturday Night Live is Still Dead

As you know, “laughs” is a part of my blog’s title, so it’s obvious that I love comedy. I’ve been a clown, have done stand up, and have also taken Second City classes (which have helped my speaking engagements, too). I’m always looking to have a laugh after a long workweek, and I used to watch Saturday Night Live often. But not anymore.

A lot of people watch it, and lots of people have tuned in to that show for years, so SNL must be doing something right…right? Wrong. It’s just not funny anymore, which is too bad because they’re on a big network with a long history. But SNL has lost its heart and the essence of what made it funny.

So what’s funny, you ask? I like Newsbusters. Sure, they’re mostly a news site that has a lot of facts and figures, but they know how to make news funny, not stuffy or stale. Which is what SNL is: stuffy, stale, and dead. That show should learn from their older episodes to find out what funny and fresh look like.

Below is the latest Newsbusters video. It just goes to show that online video is 10 times funnier than what we can find on TV.