Publicity that Gets my “Goat”

goat-fence-300x294You never know what will work with the media. Usually people think of using groundbreaking technology to create attention-grabbing publicity, but here’s something that tremendous national and local attention that has nothing to do with tech: goats.

Heather Cherone in DNA Info says that’s how O’Hare took care of its weeds. Actually, llamas, burros, sheep, and camels helped the goats out.

It totally worked, not just practically when the animals chomped the weeds away, but in terms of generating lots of buzz. It made O’Hare help counter the negative media coverage it usually gets for cancelled flights and horrible weather, and it helped Butcher & the Burger restaurant, which supplied the animals. The restaurant’s business increased, and they also got exposure for Settler’s Pond Shelter, which supplied some of the animals (the restaurant made a donation to the shelter, too). It was successful on many levels and is one of the most effective publicity campaigns I’ve ever seen.

So when you’re looking for ways to get publicity for your business, think creatively. It’s not just about the latest app or gizmo, but it’s how you get media attention with the resources you already have available.