Public Relations for Pirates and Terrorists

When I read about Osama bin Laden wanting to convince Muslims they should hate President Obama, around the time he was to deliver a speech in Saudi Arabia, I thought the bad guys are a new category of “people groups” that seek publicity. Add this latest news to the publicity seeking pirates from Somalia.
It’s amazing how things have changed in my lifetime. As a child I remember news stories about the bad guys hijacking planes and demanding money. It got tired after a while and you did not see it make the top story at major news outlets. I just did a Google news search and the top story related to plane hijacking came from the Pakistan Observer.

Pakistan Observer? Nothing from the New York Times or USA Today? Those hijackers need a better public relations agency.

The PR laugh for me here is how the “bad guys” are getting more attention as time goes on. Who are the “good news” heroes these days? Where is the new Mother Teresa when you need her? What I find laughable is that the news media fails to celebrate miraculous healings more often and the single moms (those who don’t have eight children at once) who are raising young people in “impossible” circumstances.

Light will always overcome the darkness. It’s impossible for the opposite to occur. I’d love to see the people with light get a little more of the top headlines.