Pete Wentz and Tom Ciesielka Talk “Baby”

While I’ve worked with celebs in the film and television industries, I’ve accepted the fact that what I do is unlikely to become tabloid news. That’s why I’ve decided to support Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz’s journey into fatherhood.

My buddy Pete (not sure if he would see it that way) has shared with the media that he talks to his baby still residing in Ashee Simpson-Wentz’s womb. Hey I do that too with my baby in the lower midsection of my wife. Pay attention CNN send over the cameras! Listen People Magazine, I’ll give you an exclusive to photograph me belting out “Strangers in the Night” to my wife’s belly.

I guess my point is that once your fame gets rolling, almost anything could matter. I’ve gained and lost weight, but Oprah still has me beat on the publicity.

So if you’ve got some insignificant news that you think people should care about, think again. If I run my bike into a pedestrian on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, no one is likely to care. However, if Jerry Springer does it… well maybe nobody would care either.