Not-for-Profit Organizations

not-for-profit orgs 1TC Public Relations understands that not-for-profit organizations must invest donors’ money wisely. With millions of nonprofit groups registered in the U.S., it is important that your message is not lost in the overwhelming flood of those working toward “the greater good.”

We work with public charities, private foundations, and other types of nonprofit organizations, including those promoting workforce development, human and social service, and financial education, providing services such as:

  • Publicity
    TC Public Relations can promote local, regional, and national events and initiatives and elicit coverage via mainstream and nonprofit sector media. Publicity helps provide platforms for influencing society on issues important to your supporters, and we’ll work to establish your organization or an individual who is the “face of your cause” as a “go-to” expert for media sources.
  • Media training
    Every organization deserves a great spokesperson. TC Public Relations coaches your representatives on how to present your platform in a way that can be easily understood by potential new philanthropists and the public at large.
  • Social media strategy
    Your audience is online, where people demand interesting and useful content. We’ll help ensure that your constituents have the best tools to promote and support your organization – and that your mobile apps, blogs, posts, and tweets work together to share your story and promote your cause.
  • Crisis communications
    In an information-driven world, not all news is flattering, and today’s controversial issues often subject nonprofit organizations to intense scrutiny. TC Public Relations will help you navigate a potentially negative situation – or a full-blown public relations crisis – with integrity.Whether bringing awareness to an under-supported effort, providing timely information on disaster relief efforts, or sharing research on evolving issues, TC Public Relations helps nonprofit associations, foundations, and other organizations package and communicate their message effectively.

Free resource: download and read TC Public Relations’ Nonprofit Resource Guide (PDF).