Law Firms and Legal Organizations

law firmsTC Public Relations understands that attorneys must handle their reputations – and those of their clients – carefully. There is a delicate balance between promoting a firm’s work and protecting information that can make or break a court case. Whether seeking new clients to represent, building public support for a legal action, or celebrating a courtroom victory, a legal organization has special requirements, responsibilities, and restrictions in its public communications.

We work with attorneys, law firms, and legal associations, providing services such as:

  • Publicity
    TC Public Relations can promote local, regional, and national legal efforts and elicit coverage via mainstream and law-oriented media. Publicity helps provide platforms to promote your work and gain public support and awareness for your clients and their cases. We’ll work to establish your partners and counselors as “go-to” media experts in their practice areas.
  • Media training
    Every law firm deserves a great spokesperson. TC Public Relations coaches your lead attorneys to present your legal arguments in a way that can be easily understood by potential new clients, legal peers, and the public at large.
  • Social media strategy
    Your audience is online, and demands interesting and useful content. We’ll help you ensure that your constituents have the best tools to interact with your law office – and that your mobile apps, blogs, posts, and tweets work together to share your firm’s story and advance your opportunities.
  • Crisis communications
    In an information-driven world, not all news is flattering, and today’s litigation-minded society is quick to subject companies and individuals to intense scrutiny. While you handle the legal issues, TC Public Relations will help you navigate potentially negative communication scenarios – or a full-blown public relations crisis – with sensitivity. Whether pursuing public support for a client’s case, celebrating attorney achievements, or seeking exposure to new markets, TC Public Relations takes your legal issues as seriously as you do and helps you to clearly and effectively communicate your intended message.

Free resource: download and read TC Public Relations’ Law Firm Reputation Resource Guide (PDF).