Is Dr. Phil Really “Dr. Crybaby?

I read a revealing article about Dr. Phil, “Exclusive: Dr. Phil feels ‘violated’ over stolen Chevy”, by Chris Woodyard, about Dr. Phil’s classic 1957 car getting stolen. It’s sad and unfair that his car was stolen from a repair shop, but what Dr. Phil says about the situation doesn’t make him look too good.

It seems like he is being hypocritical because he often talks about getting your act together and focusing on what’s important in life, yet he seems to think his car is more important than anything or anyone else. He’s not taking his own advice, and he really comes off as materialistic in this article.

He also sounds whiny. Sure, it’s a valuable, rare car that looks great and is probably fun to drive around in, but it’s just a car. It’s horrible that it was stolen, but he still has a lot of other things going very well in his life, such as his career, and he seems to have a nice family. He didn’t mention any of that or what he’s grateful for; he just complained.

Also, why did he go to the media with his problem? He probably complained to friends and coworkers about what happened, which is understandable, yet going to the media is making him seem even more of a whiner.

Dr. Phil should practice what he preaches.