Does a Prostitute Belong at Your Honeymoon?

Here’s a real winner: a man was arrested on his honeymoon for soliciting a prostitute. I can understand why that Chicago Sun-Timesstory, “Suburban man arrested for soliciting prostitute on his honeymoon,” by Jon Seidel and Stefano Esposito, has become so popular. On what was supposed to be a very special day, his wife noticed he’d gone missing, and lo and behold, she found out that he’d responded to an ad on a website that was posted by an undercover detective. I think it’s safe to say that this marriage isn’t going to be so great, and it’s not the only example of a failed partnership.

There are partnerships in business that don’t always go well, and a good relationship is especially important when doing publicity. Whether a company has merged with another, has acquired new clients, or simply wants to publicize new hires, everyone has to be on the same page. Not only does the message have to be clear and consistent, but anyone communicating with the press and public should have the same tone, facts, goals, and style. After all, the company might end up getting the kind of publicity the newly married couple got, and no one would want that.