Crisis Communications

Crisis CommTC Public Relations is here to help you prepare a response to the media during a crisis. By working with you to craft productive press statements and serving as a buffer in the event of a media barrage, our agency can help you manage crisis communications. When a crisis happens, TC Public Relations helps you assess and minimize the potential for negative media coverage. Professional preparation can help you stay on message and deliver the response that places you in the most positive light.

TC Public Relations can help you:

  • Create a pre-crisis communication plan
  • Establish media response procedures
  • Assess reputational risk
  • Evaluate the message to be conveyed
  • Determine when to be proactive/reactive
  • Establish clear information boundaries
  • Monitor real-time coverage for accuracy
  • Prepare for crisis media response

TC Public Relations can help you effectively communicate in times of crisis. Whether you seek to mount an appropriate offensive or need a suitable defense, we can help you evaluate options and clarify decisions. We understand how to measure media objectives and meet them to your best advantage. Crises happen. Let TC Public Relations handle your communications when they do.