Christian Organizations

christian organizationsTC Public Relations has a special relationship with faith-based organizations representing a Christian worldview. Sharing a Gospel-centered message in a world that often speaks a different “language” requires sensitivity, discernment, and a knack for building bridges between current – often polarizing – social issues and timeless truths.

We regularly work with churches and Christian-owned businesses and ministries, providing services such as:

  • Publicity
    TC Public Relations can promote local, regional, and national events and initiatives and elicit coverage via mainstream and faith-based media. Publicity helps provide platforms for influencing society on issues important in the faith community, and we’ll work to establish your organization or an individual who is your “face of the ministry” as a “go-to” expert for media sources.
  • Media training
    Every organization deserves a great spokesperson. TC Public Relations coaches your representatives on how to present your Christian message in a way that can be easily understood by those who don’t know the Bible or understand its significance to your organization.
  • Social media strategy
    Your audience is online, and demands interesting and useful content. We’ll help ensure that your constituents have the best tools to promote and support your Christian organization – and that your mobile apps, blogs, posts, and tweets work together to share your story and promote a Gospel worldview.
  • Crisis communications
    In an information-driven world, not all news is flattering, and today’s controversial issues often put faith in the “hot seat” or create clashes between Biblical beliefs and contemporary culture. TC Public Relations will help you navigate a potentially negative situation – or a full-blown public relations crisis – with integrity.Whether exposing the IRS’ religious discrimination via network news, minimizing the negative impact of a former church associate’s impropriety, or shining the national spotlight on a convent fighting to shut down the strip club next door, TC Public Relations helps Christian businesses, ministries, and organizations determine the best message to communicate and decide which methods are the most effective.