Lawyers Should Love LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most effective platform for business development, networking, and professional development for attorneys. According to an In-House Counsel survey, “LinkedIn leads all other social networks in professional usage and perceived credibility….” While LinkedIn may seem complicated to navigate, … Continue reading

What Can Attorneys Learn from “Ground Up Cow on a Bun?”

Recently, prominent Pittsburgh defense lawyer James Ecker passed away. Usually attorneys don’t get so much media coverage, especially if they’re just known locally. However, Ecker had a long relationship with the media because of the way he communicated with reporters … Continue reading

Can a Dog Be Trained to Sniff Out Public Relations Opportunities?

I came upon an interesting article in Businessweek about“Argentina’s Dollar-Sniffing Wonder Dogs” and how they’re sniffing for US currency to prevent “capital flight” from that country. That’s the first time that I’ve seen something about dogs sniffing for money, not … Continue reading

Lawyers Lie and Other Truths About Attorneys

Inside Counsel has an article called “37% of people say lawyers have ‘very low’ ethical standards” and the title really says it all: too many attorneys do not have a good reputation.  The article gets that statistic from a Gallup … Continue reading