Can a Dog Be Trained to Sniff Out Public Relations Opportunities?

I came upon an interesting article in Businessweek about“Argentina’s Dollar-Sniffing Wonder Dogs” and how they’re sniffing for US currency to prevent “capital flight” from that country. That’s the first time that I’ve seen something about dogs sniffing for money, not drugs, but I guess countries have to get creative to prevent disasters.

It’s too bad that the online article doesn’t show the picture of a cute sniffing golden retriever in the ferry terminal, so if you get a chance, try to take a look at the magazine picture. Actually, I can walk down any street in Chicago and smell different kinds of pizza. So if the city ever has a pizza problem, I could be the guy for them (even though I’m not as cute as those dogs).

That sniffing-dog article reminds us that we should be sniffing out media opportunities. While media websites have reporters’ or producers’ bios, you shouldn’t stop there. Search on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to “sniff out” a better personal connection between you and that journalist so that you can pitch them better. At the very least, it will allow you to include something that is more personal and customized. And they’ll appreciate it, though you have to remember to be sincere because the media don’t like phonies.