10 Ways You Can Celebrate the Pro-Life Movement’s First Legislative Victory

In 1976, Republican Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois successfully barred the use of federal Henry Hydefunds to pay for abortion in most circumstances, and the 40th anniversary of the passage of the Hyde Amendment was on September 30th.

Here are 5 ways that life advocacy groups can use the opportunity to build awareness about the law:

  • Host an informal Hyde-themed coffee, brunch, or dinner for board members or core volunteers.
  • Create a series of social media posts for the anniversary week, including quotes by Hyde or facts about the Amendment’s impact.
  • Submit an op-ed piece to a local media outlet.
  • Add Henry Hyde’s book, Catch the Burning Flag: Speeches and Random Observations, to your staff’s reading list and consider gifting a copy to a local library.
  • Gather outside an abortion clinic and sing spiritual songs, pray, and read aloud Henry Hyde’s Plea to Override President Clinton’s Veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban (taken from the Congressional Record, September 19, 1996) – text found here.

And here are 5 ways organizations can use the opportunity to remember important landmarks and events:

  • The founding date of the organization or birthday of its original organizer
  • Anniversary of a group success, such as the closing of a local abortion facility
  • A somber recognition of a heinous incident, such as a death via a botched abortion, or an annual memorial for all local victims
  • Recognition of a particular accomplishment, such as largest protest or longest vigil
  • Local events, practices, or traditions that celebrate life